Summary Of Solutions For Ultrafine Mill

The satisfactory production brought by the ultrafine grinding machine makes the user feel comfortable with the use of the grinding equipment. However, even the best mechanical equipment will cause problems such as malfunctions under the prolonged overload production. At this time, how should we solve the problem?

The failure of the mill will make the machine unable to produce normally, which will have a negative impact on the improvement of production efficiency and seriously reduce the working time of the machine. As for the damage of mechanical equipment, as a user, we must pay attention to it and strive to make the machine resume production.

In the production of the mill, sometimes the material is too hard, the impact force is too large, etc., causing the working sound of the ultrafine mill to be too loud. At this time, we should reduce the feed size correspondingly, so that the impact force can be reduced. small. Sometimes, we will enimpact the fine material into the powder, and the friction between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. There is no material layer in the middle. At this time, the noise pollution should be serious because of the friction. Therefore, at this time, we have to reduce the spindle speed accordingly, so that the situation can be improved.

Of course, at the time of production, the situation is not only this one, but another situation. According to many users, when used, the ultrafine mill may have loose anchor bolts, which may cause the host to sound too loud. At this time, as a user, stop the machine and check the grounding bolts, then tighten them. It works fine.

In addition, during assembly, the thrust bearing is disengaged up and down, which will cause the body to shake and the sound of the main engine to be too large. At this time, the user must re-adjust to ensure the normal operation of the grinding equipment. When the deformation of the grinding roller fails, it must be replaced, effectively ensuring the normal operation of the equipment and improving production efficiency.

For the user, in the production of grinding equipment, we may enimpact a variety of failure problems, then do not worry, we must carry out corresponding solutions for specific phenomena, so that it can resume production as soon as possible, to the user Easy to use.

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