Reasons For High Current Of Raymond Mill

The Raymond mill may have excessive current in the machine during the grinding operation. Once this happens, the impact on the Raymond mill is very large. The current increase of the main body of Raymond mill is often accompanied by the increase of the current of the fan motor. At this time, the wind power is reduced, the material cannot be blown, and the material will be blocked for a long time, which will cause damage to the Raymond mill for a long time.

What are the main reasons for the large current of the Raymond mill? Raymond mill in the grinding ore, the material is given too much, causing the equipment to overload the operation, while the power consumption increases, causing the host current to rise, the body temperature will also increase, accompanied by the grinding chamber The material is clogged; and the material humidity is too high, causing blockage of the mill material, which will also cause the main current of the Raymond mill to be large.

There is a problem with the powder sorting machine used with the Raymond mill. The high setting speed of the powder separator will also cause the main current to rise. Moreover, the grinding disc and the grinding roller in the Raymond mill are too worn, or the gap is set. Improper, the gap is too small will cause the main current of the Raymond mill to rise, making Raymond mill difficult to operate.

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