Operational Skills Of Ultrafine Mill

The use of ultrafine mill is skillful. The widespread use of the device has made it famous. In the cement industry, the production of ultrafine powder depends on it to make the finished product more in line with the requirements; in the ceramic industry, the grinding of the equipment makes the use of the process better. However, these successful examples require successful operation of the machine. Then, before starting the mill, check whether there are iron particles and other non-grinding debris in the machine. In order to ensure production safety, it is necessary to close the door and adjust the steering of the fan and the main engine, and make the exhaust valve In the fully open position, check the looseness of the bolts and nuts.

Pay attention to the startup sequence of it. The correct starting sequence can make the machine perform better. Then, when starting, start the analyzer, then start the fan, the main machine, and then immediately add the material, open the large air volume valve, and gradually close the exhaust valve. Under the premise of ensuring that the feed port does not spray outward, the exhaust valve should be closed as much as possible. After that, the fineness of the finished product should be adjusted according to the actual use requirements.

When the ultrafine mill is shut down, the feed should be stopped for about one minute, then the host is stopped, then the fan is stopped, and the analyzer is stopped. This will thoroughly grind the powder inside the machine and help to clean it. During the operation of the machine, its feeding should be uniform. Therefore, according to the different conformance of the host, adjust the amount of feed. During the feeding process, iron blocks such as bolts must be prohibited from entering the machine to avoid damage to the machine.

The ultrafine mill can be adjusted in terms of fineness, and the fineness of the finished material can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. Therefore, according to the material, soft and hard, water content, specific gravity, processing fineness, adjust. During the adjustment, the speed of the analyzer can be adjusted. Under normal circumstances, the speed of the analyzer is high, the fineness is high, but the output is reduced accordingly. Of course, if the adjustment still does not reach the required fineness of the user, the air volume of the air duct should be controlled to perform related adjustment changes.

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