Maintenance Of Construction Waste Crusher

The construction waste crusher is mainly composed of the construction waste crushing case body, the rotor, the hammer head, the lining plate and the sieve plate. It can crush the material once, simplify the processing technology and reduce the total cost of the user in the operation. Popularity, in the use of construction waste crusher, we need to carry out frequent maintenance and maintenance, so as to ensure that the equipment creates higher value for us. The following is the daily maintenance of the construction waste crusher of Shibang Industrial Technology Group. Some suggestions, I hope to help the user’s production.

1. Before The Operation

Check all the bolts of the construction waste crusher to see if there is any looseness; check if there are any debris in the crushing chamber, if there is any debris, please remove it in time; check if the belt of the transmission and motor is broken and the layer is Phenomenon; look at the junction box of the motor and its grounding device are not connected, to ensure that the protection of the transmission device is complete; after all the above inspections, confirm that the various components of the crusher are intact before starting the operation.

2. In The Operation

If the construction waste crusher suddenly stops during the operation, the equipment cannot be forced to start without checking the real cause of the shutdown; if there is abnormal knock or vibration during the operation of the crusher, stop. Work, check the causes of the above phenomena, in the process of troubleshooting, to avoid starting, so as to avoid accidents.

3. After The Homework

After the construction waste crusher is completed, the debris in the crushing chamber is cleaned to reduce the wear caused to the equipment. After the operation, the lubricating oil is cleaned and the bearing is periodically cleaned to ensure the flexibility of the bearing. , improve equipment efficiency and increase production.

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