Consequences Of The Cobble Sand Making Machine

In the artificial sand production line, the sand making machine can be used for both sand making and stone processing, so that the mechanical sand grade we produce is of high quality. With the development of China’s construction industry, the demand for sand and gravel aggregates is increasing. The sand making machine equipment has become an indispensable equipment in the sand and gravel production line, and it has become a very valuable ore processing equipment in the mining processing market.

The cobble sand making machine is one of the sand making machines. The stones from the cobble sand making machine are distributed in a cubic shape, and the difference in particle size is reduced, and the qualified finished product can be guaranteed to be above 95%. The sand making machine with the characteristics of stone shaping is more in line with the requirements of modern mechanism sand production, and rapidly improves the crushing rate of high quality stone. Shanghai Shibang Mining Machinery reminds users to pay attention to the maintenance of sand making machine.

In the sand making work of cobble sand making machine, some investors will increase the output more urgently, and there will be an overload of the sand making machine. Although the overloading of the sand making equipment is not a big problem, it will also produce and use the sand making machine. Life expectancy has a negative impact. Overloading means that the amount of feed exceeds the original standard of the sand making equipment. It can be understood that it exceeds the capacity range of the sand making machine, which will inevitably increase the working pressure and cause very serious wear problems to the sand making machine.

When the sand making machine equipment is overloaded, it will generally vibrate violently, emitting a dull smashing sound, the motor power exceeds the warning line, or directly burned. The raw material is discharged from the feed port, the discharge port is blocked, and the discharge is small or no material is discharged. In general construction of the standard sand production line, we will advise the user to set up a vibrating feeder in front of the cobble sand making machine, which can play the role of quantitative feeding and uniform feeding. It can reduce the problem of wear of the cobble sand making machine.

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