Cobble Sand Production Line

The sand making machine is a very important mechanical equipment in the sand and gravel production line. There are many materials that can be produced and processed by the sand making machine. The sand making machine can be used for the processing of ore such as river pebble, limestone, marble and cobble. Zenith has been talking about cobble sand making machine, because it is a kind of ore sanding method that is often enimpacted in life.

The source of cobble resources is mainly pebbles on the riverbed. Some have just been salvaged from the water, and some are on the dry riverbed. It should be noted that the pebbles are generally high in soil and need to be cleaned. After washing, it can be crushed, and it can also be crushed and washed after sanding to ensure the quality of the whole cobble resources.

The sand making process of pebbles is mainly to first sift the pebbles into a crushed and then sieved method. After the cobbles are mined, the natural cobbles are not the same size. If the sand making method is used, it may cause waste of resources and damage to the cobble sand making machine. Therefore, it is important to first grade the cobbles.

Zenith reminds the users that when using the cobble screen, it is necessary to pay attention to 40mm or less and can directly enter the cobble sand making machine to break the sand. The 300mm or more needs to use the coarse breaking equipment first. The jaw crusher is used for the cobble. A special mechanical equipment that is coarsely crushed.

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