LM Vertical Grinding Mill

LM Vertical Grinding Mill

LM series grinding mill is my company in the relevant technology of vertical mill is more mature, vertical mill products of the growing technical advantages of situation, actively absorb foreign successful experience, and constantly upgrade of technological innovation through research and development team, launched with independent intellectual property rights of the vertical mill products.

Application Of LM Vertical Grinding Mill

The emergence of the grinding process of fly ash is to a greater degree of play to the activity of fly ash mineral resources advantage, through the change of the fineness of grinding to increase the activity of the product, and direct impact on the quality of concrete material.As the main raw materials of building materials market, its ultrafine processing for fly ash can greatly improve the performance of concrete mix proportion of various materials, so as to guarantee the quality of project construction.Its production process USES the closed-circuit circulation system, this is a kind of grinding machine can improve the production capacity at the same time can reduce the running cost of new type high efficiency mill.LM vertical grinding machine on the comprehensive utilization of fly ash were widely used in project, not only promote the further prosperity of the cement industry, also to give the new economic value of fly ash.Lime and mixed with other materials of road pavement, airport and port, the grassroots is very common, also on behalf of the fly ash flour project has achieved great success, also greatly improve the comprehensive utilization of fly ash.

The Design Concept Of Vertical Grinding Mill

Vertical grinding mill grinding principle is to use 2 ~ 4 roller on the mill and a medium speed rotating grinding material, basically is a layer of crushing.Materials in grinding is mainly affected by roller compaction effect and crushed, at the same time due to speed difference exists between the roller and mill roll, so you also have shear grinding effect.The center of the feed mill material due to the effect of turning millstone centrifugal force, the mill around mobile into the roller and roller mill.Roller in the hydraulic device and pressing mechanism, under the action of the roller grinding pressure within the material.

Material is rolling milling effect and it continues to move mill edge, from the edge of the mill keep-off overflow.In the hot air from the mill at the same time around the annular nozzle upward, blow the coarse particle materials back to the mill to crush, and suspension was carried out on the material drying.Fine powder with hot air to enter the upper classifier for separation, to achieve a certain grain diameter of qualified fine powder with overflow and collect the air from the upper roller mill, coarse powder with material feeding back a millstone to grinding.

Technical Data

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